Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should you include a customer map on your eBay listings ?
  2. How does MyStoreMaps work ?
  3. Should I choose the North American or World Maps ?
  4. Can I cancel at anytime ?
  5. My map stopped updating. The date is stuck. What's wrong ?
  6. I just signed up. Why hasn't the map been inserted into my listings? ?
  7. How can I enable/disable the automatic insertion of the map into my listings ?

  1. Why should you include a customer map on your eBay listings ?
    • Your map will increase your credibility and trust. Buyers feel more confident buying from a seller who has shipped around the world. Your map is a powerful and graphical way for you to show-off your local or worldwide customer base. Bottom Line: Increase your level of trust by adding a map.
    • Add the world maps and you WILL attract more international buyers. FACT: About 1 in 10 eBay buyers purchase from a seller in a different country. Look at your current listings - are you ignoring 10% of all eBay buyers by not talking to them? A picture is worth 1,000 words. Include your own map in each listing and international eBay buyers will buy more from you. You can choose to just show North America or the entire world map for low-monthly fees. We have scores of customers who see increased international sales and get the benefit of more North American sales when they add our maps to their listings.
    • Your map will make your listing stand-out. Look at any listing without a map and the same one with a map added. Which one is better?
    • Your map will increase viewing. People love maps. International and domestic buyers love maps!
    • Your map will give critical information to your buyers. Every buyer wants to know if you will ship to their country or area. It is the most important thing they need to know and trust before they purchase from you. Your map will tell them that instantly. Once they know, they will bid or buy.
  2. How does MyStoreMaps work ?

    Our maps help you merchandise your experience selling domestically and overseas. We want international buyers to buy more from you - over and over.

    To merchandise your experience, we create your own customer map which demonstrates the depth of your selling experience everywhere from down the street to across the world. Have you already sold internationally? Show off your experience! Just starting to sell internationally? Start right by merchandising yourself to your international buyers.

    Getting started is simple.

    When you register, you choose either our North American map or world map. You can also choose to add world maps by region if you wish.

    Whatever map(s) you choose, you can choose to start simply. We automatically set your map account to pull the full 120 days of history available to us from eBay and we start tracking sales from the day you add our map to your listings. You can also choose to enter the current number of shipments you have made to geographies older than 120 days. For instance, if you have shipped 54 packages to Ireland since you began selling on eBay, you can enter "54" in one box for Ireland. You can always start simply and add your older counts by country at any time.

    Your maps also include an area for you to enter your own personalized shipping, payments and returns policies for your sales. This especially helps international buyers see these policies in one place, and your map is the right place to merchandise your policies.

    Sign-up takes only two minutes.

    Next, our service will create your customer map highlighting all the areas where you have customers. We will insert your map into your listings at the bottom of your listings (default setting) or you can choose to place the map anywhere on your listing template or within any of your listings manually. Your customer map is like a picture image, and our service is the host of that image. We constantly update your personalized map based on your real-time sales. Whenever you have a sale, we automatically add that sale to your map and we send your buyer an email letting them know they were added. The email is a great way to connect you and your buyer.

    Buyers can click on your map from within your eBay listing page and a second, more detailed map of your customer counts can be viewed by your buyers. The detailed map optionally shows the actual customer counts you've made to each country, state or province. Giving your buyers the actual counts of your shipments helps you merchandise the depth of your international sales experience.

  3. Should I choose the North American or World Maps ?

    Your choice. If you ONLY sell in North America (US, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean), just choose the North American map. It includes all US states, Canadian provinces, Caribbean countries and Mexico. This is a fully functional map.

    If you sell internationally, we strongly recommend that sellers get our full-complement of world maps, which also include North America. So, if you choose the World map option you automatically get North America as well. You can get this world map option for a low monthly fee based on your eBay feedback at the time of monthly billing. We tiered our pricing to add world maps so our service is affordable to all sellers no matter what size. The best advice we give new/small sellers is to start selling to the world on eBay, right away! Below you can see our tiered base pricing:

    Up to 500 $2.95
    501 to 1,500 $3.95
    1,501 to 3,000 $4.95
    3,001 to 5,000 $8.95
    Over 5,000 $12.95
  4. Can I cancel at anytime ?

    Yes. You can cancel anytime. You pay only up to the month of your cancellation. IMPORTANT: If you want to cancel, please do so from inside our app so we can automatically remove the map from your listing before your token gets canceled. To start the cancel process, go to the MyStoreMaps account page, click "How to cancel" on the left-navigation bar. Be sure to click the link on that page to Remove maps. Our system will automatically update your listings and remove the maps. After we remove your map, we will automatically send you an email with the final step to cancel.

    Takes about 2 minutes.

  5. My map stopped updating. The date is stuck. What's wrong ?

    All eBay 3rd party services need your permission to access to your data on eBay. eBay creates this permission securely through a "token" that you create/authorize for our service. To double-check that you want continued permission for our services, eBay will automatically cancel your token, forcing you to renew it at least twice a year (and, for security reasons, also every time you change your password). The process to renew your token and thus give permissions for us to update your map, is entirely secure and takes only two minutes. Follow the steps present in your account home page.

  6. I just signed up. Why hasn't the map been inserted into my listings ?

    When you initially start, it takes up to 24 hours for maps to load. After that, we update the map every 2 hours and we insert the map into your listings every 4 hours into as many new listings as eBay will allow (if you have chosen automatic insertion). Please allow up to 24 hours for the map to appear in your listings when you start and 4 hours thereafter. Also, please note eBay will not allow us to insert into listings with less than 12 hours left, that are second chance offers, has bids, and/or are in violation of eBay policies.

  7. How can I enable/disable the automatic insertion of the map into my listings ?

    Simply, log into your account. Once there, click on the "Autoinsert map" link in the left navigation and then click the "On/Off" button. Save your option.