About us

We have been helping sellers drive more sales on eBay since we incorporated our company in September, 2003. We are best known for our MyStoreRewards loyalty service (www.MyStoreRewards.com). However, we found another opportunity to help eBay sellers sell when we hit upon our MyStoreMaps service in July, 2005. All together, our services have been listed on over 5 million eBay seller listings.

Our company is proud to be an eBay Certified Solutions Provider and we received the prestigious 2006 Star Developer Award for “The Most Innovative Application” from the PayPal Developer’s network.

We work hard to create innovative marketing services which help sellers drive sales. Just as important, we make those services easy to use and very affordable.

Our Team?

MyStoreMaps is operated by OnPage Ideas, Inc., a registered as a Delaware Corporation, with headquarters in Ave Maria, FL.

The company was started by a few people who initially focused on the eBay marketplace. Brian Lawe is our president. He has led our strategic direction since the beginning. Brian worked in strategic planning and marketing for several large corporations such as American Airlines, The New York Times Company and IBM before taking the leap to launch OnPage Ideas, Inc. The company currently employs seven full and part-time people.

Brian recruited two of IBM's top web-application programmers to launch the early versions of MyStoreMaps. Subsequently, the company expanded our development and design resources so we now operate with top talent in the US and abroad.

MyStoreMaps has also been fortunate to assemble a group of investors and one venture investment fund with extensive experience in loyalty services, technology, direct marketing, strategic planning and advertising.

If you would like to learn more about MyStoreMaps or have a business development proposal, please send an email to: Sales@MyStoreMaps.com.