Boost buyers confidence.
Show where you shipped.
With pins, on a map!

1 year Money-Back Guarantee.

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530,000 listings in eBay are using MyStoreMaps right now!

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Offers graphical sales maps

Track your buyer locations – regionally or internationally — by easily adding a customizable, rotating map to your listings.

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Builds trust with buyers

Give potential buyers a clear and powerful signal of trust about you. They can click on your map to see detailed counts for each country.

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Quick and easy to use

MyStoreMaps will automatically create and insert a custom MyStoreMap at the bottom of all your listings within 24-hours.


Show your customers all over the world, on our world map. Monthly subscription pricing is based on feedback score count at the time of your monthly billing, as follows:

Up to 500 $2.95
501 to 1,500 $3.95
1,501 to 3,000 $4.95
3,001 to 5,000 $8.95
Over 5,000 $12.95

This is helping me a lot to increase my sales as many buyers are looking now where the item is been sold and its easy to see from the buyer’s end. It’s a Great tool.


I love the map embedment to listing. AWSOME, AWSOME, AWSOME. Have been using this tool for 3 years already, has definitely helped in sales. Great tool.


I believe that when potential buyers see this and see where I have shipped it coupled with my excellent satisfaction ratings influence buyers—especially international buyers to make a…


We love this app and would really feel losing this app to ebay eliminating active contact would create a great business loss fo us. This app allows international customers who do not…